I’m Relentless!



Before an explosion there must be ignition!


We’ve actually been experiencing explosive growth for quite some time now, but I really believe the best is yet to come!

And the truth is, I’m relentless about a lot of things. I’m relentless about pursuing people who are far from God. Even if it means ticking off a few who feel close and want to be coddled. Afterall, Jesus made the whole “leaving the 99” pretty elementary, didn’t He? Read here, and here, and here.

And I’m passionate about starting right here where we are first. Jesus made that one pretty plain as well. Read here, and here (for Paul’s 2 cents on the proper order).

I remember one time ( I think I was about 9 years old) my parents left a gas station we’d stopped at…without me! We were on a family vacation and I don’t think it was a pre-approved bathroom break. But I had to go man! So I went.

And they went.

I had never been so scarred in all my short life (which I thought was either over or about to begin anew in some third world country). Thankfully they discovered I was missing a few weeks later.

Just kidding.

It seemed that long, but was really only like 10 minutes. The family was all ready to have a good time and so was I, but I can tell you that that warm fuzzy feeling was gone for all of us when one of us was left behind. That fire for recreation went right out.


I don’t want that for anyone at Southbrook. I don’t want anyone to be left behind. Yes we are on fire. Yes we are exploding every where you look in every category you look at. But not everyone has felt the spark. The polls many have taken already are showing a fairly wide chasm between those who are daily walking with the Lord as fully devoted followers and those who are on the outside looking in. That’s why we are doing this series called, IGNITE. Because some are still waiting in cold, spiritual storage and that’s not what our AWESOME God has for any of us. He wants so much more. Even more than we’ve already seen. Even more than we could ever hope for or imagine on our own.

I’m not just saying that either. I know I seem relentless, and I am. But hey, if we want to have a series that will really hit us where we live than I need to know where we live! Makes sense, right?

2 more polls. Can ya hang in there? You’re doing great and the information is really helping me craft this series. If you haven’t given your opinion vote in the previous 3 polls would you do that now? It will take about 30 seconds. First go here…then here, and finally here. Then come back and take today’s poll regarding your physical health.


Thanks a million!