I’m putting that one on the shelf for a while!


The weekend is over and I have a funny unfamiliar feeling from it. I mean, I’ve had hints of this feeling before — smaller doses and such, but this was different. This weekend left me feeling a bit like I imagine the Austin Power’s tiny character, Mini Me would feel after a ‘no holds barred’ 3 hour match with Andre the Giant!

So why am I out of bed? Because I also had one of those nagging doubts. You know the kind that tickle at your nose or cheek when you’re on TV or something and you absolutely cannot scratch! And I figured out what it was.

I wondered if I made it clear enough that my precious wife, Michelle, was not who I was talking about! Everyone get that? I met her here in North Carolina way after the fact. She’s part of the Lord’s blessing in my life for making sure I stayed true to His Word even in the darkest times.

My kids are a pretty awesome fringe benefit too, I might add!

Just thought I’d clear that up for those of you who weren’t paying close attention. I guess that’s the risk you take when you don’t use names. I hope you understand why I did not.

The point was that God uses broken people best.

And that no matter how far we run or how ugly our lives get…He still loves us.

Isn’t that amazing?

And no matter how crushed and weakened, beat down and drained we are, He can lift us up, brush us off and give us the renewed strength to go on.

That too is absolutely amazing!

Let’s not forget it. It should make us love Him all the more.

See you all Wednesday evening for a ROCKIN night of worship!!!!!