“I’ll Be Back.”


040213_jimCaviezel_bcol.widecTonight my 11 year old son was telling me about some creepy, ‘R’ rated horror movie a couple kids in his class had seen.

I was flabbergasted.

How is it parents can let kids (one of these guys is still 10!) see junk like that? Especially when these kids go to a Christian school!!!

He said the boys were chanting some line over and over again that was said right before someone always got killed.


It made me wonder how it is that parents wait until their kids are around 16 or so to let them see something like Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ” but seem perfectly fine with, for example, “The Terminator.”

What kind of circular firing-squad reasoning is that?!

That’s when I knew it was time.


You see, Nathan has always had a strong heart for Jesus. Somehow I knew it was time for him to understand what Jesus really went through to purchase our salvation.


Together, we watched, The Passion of the Christ.


And together we wept all the way through it. It was hard for him to watch, yet at the same time, he would not leave the room.


He made it all the way to the rejoicing at the end—a little something we call, Easter.


I think watching the Passion will make the celebration of Easter that much more meaningful for my son.


I think we’ll watch it every year to get ready for Easter.


Tomorrow is Good Friday. Will you face the truth or gloss it over?


Maybe it’s time to skip the Terminator with the kids and sit them down instead to watch the One who coined the phrase…


“I’ll Be Back!”



* If your kids aren’t quite ready for the full blown movie, you might think about brining them to Southbrook Church tonight at 7:00 pm (Monroe or Weddington Campuses) for a special “Good Friday” service using ‘some’ clips from the movie.


I’ll be there! Hope to see you all as well.