I’ll Be Back!


Ok, there’s something I need to tell you even before first things first.

I actually did write a post from Costa Rica (safe to disclose at this point).

Costa Rica Blogging

However, I did not post it.


I won the bet.

I just thought I should clear that up.

Now, on to…

First Things First

I saw a lot of different kinds of families from all over the world this past week in Costa Rica

Some seemed to be having a good time together.

Others seemed to just want to take their own personal version of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) on the road.

Some were vacationing.

Others were just living life. They were the locals.

Many of you do not know this about me, but I am a people watcher. I love to watch how people interact with one another and I love to talk with them and learn from them. This past 10 days taught me a lot.

The most striking and saddening thing was the complete and total absence of God.

Talk about a tough line of conversation to get going.


People from all walks of life will talk about anything and everything BUT God!

There was one family who loved to share about Wicca and how God (they believe) is whoever we make Him. Read here for where they get that crazy idea. It’s not new, so it didn’t shock me, but what did was the age of the person telling me all of this.


My heart went out to her. She was a very sweat young lady, but seemed to be searching in all the wrong places.

She went on to say that she believed “love” was just a great big, ball of cosmic feeling, and that anyone through any path could tap into it.

It’s the old, ‘as long as you’re sincere,’ you’re ok’ theory.

I never got the chance to share with her the flaws of that argument. Such as the fact that there are sincere people every minute of every day, all over the globe who cause great harm.

David Koresh sincerely thought he was Jesus and over 70 people burned to death following him.

Jim Jones sincerely believed he was leading people to paradise.

Almost 1,000 that time.

There have always been (and always will be) sincerely wrong people.

If one day I sincerely believed I could turn my self invisible like Invisagirl on the Fantastic 4, and I ‘proved’ it by walking into a black tie affair without any clothes on (because my superpowers don’t work on clothes – read the comic). I would not only discover how sincerely wrong I was, I would also frighten the guests and ruin the party!


Anyway, as I read this over I see that one of my superpowers (the super-human ability to rabbit trail people to death) is still with me.

This post has already grown to mammoth proportions.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you my sad conclusions and…

A happy ending.

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