I told you the best was yet to come!


Globe_in_hands_2I don’t know if I’ll be persona non grata or what after today. Conventional wisdom says I should have cut the message short to help with crowd management.

Though it has yet to be proven, there’s strong medical evidence that I may have been born with absolutely no conventional wisdom.

Unbelievable! It was so humbling to see all those people (unless you were one of the police helping direct traffic — then it might have just been frustrating!).

Where did they come from?

Where will we put them?

Well, as they say, it’s a good problem to have. And I could not think of a better time for one of the biggest crowds ever to show up because there’s a place for everyone.

I promise. God wouldn’t stir this kind of movement and then not provide for it. In fact, we will have several awesome announcements during this series related to this very thing. Hang in there and you will not be disappointed.

Also. thank you so much “Brookies” for giving up your seats in both the main auditorium and the video cafe at the 10:00. You stood for the entire service so that others could sit. I think the 10:00 main might actually have been 95 percent guests!

Again, thank you!

We kicked the year off with a celebration of the church and how Jesus describes her as an, “Unstoppable Force!” — so much so that even the gates of Hell (or death itself) is no match for her! The church and the church alone has the power to change the world!

And today, 2,000 years after making that prediction we are living proof!

Marriages restored, families put back together, over 1100 people saved last year and 400 baptized to publically profess their love for Jesus Christ!

And guess what God says?

“You ain’t seen nothing yet?”

Without the ain’t.

What a great God!

Oh, and to top it all off my son and I went to grab a bite to eat at Chili’s in Monroe after the 11:30 service. As we were finishing up the waiter told us not to worry about paying — someone had already taken care of the bill! My son (he’s awesome) asked if the waiter could point them out so we could thank them and you know what the waiter said?

He said, “They don’t really want to be identified. They said they know you but you probably don’t know them. They just wanted to say thank you.

I hope you read the blog whoever you are. Nathan and I would like to say, “Thanks!”

Oh, and though there were several people there from Southbrook, we’ve narrowed it down…I will find you!

Just kidding…

But thanks.