I Don’t Wanna Grow Up! Part Two


Last night was the father/son — hockey/pizza night. It was a blast. It was also an opportunity to see the difference between the following group’s behavior; 1. Adults 2. Boys 3. Adult boys.

The men of SCC fair pretty well in this comparison test. Given opportunities at Bobcats arena to, 1. Vie for world’s greatest fan status 2. Just look goofy whenever the camera was near 3. Show enthusiasm and have fun or, 4. Sit there like a bump on a log and pretend to be into it, they usually opted for number 3 (with an occasional number 2 here and there).

The BOYS, however, we’re the most fun to watch. The young ones WANT to be caught picking their nose or making facial contortions when the camera pans near. Slightly older ones we’re reinventing what looked like gangsta signs with their hands and looking cool. It was fun to watch.

There was even a heavy set (like that?) dude in a cowboy hat acting as a sort of MC of the night and the boys tried real hard to get his attention. Alas, he never got over to our section — a huge mistake because judging by the attendance, we were the biggest single group there! Even so, there were around 6,000 in attendance to watch the checkers play the Pensacola Ice picks or ice cubes or something like that. So, you can see that old Cowboy Joe couldn’t get to everyone. No, his job is to make everyone feel included without personally sitting down with or shaking hands with everyone. It was cool though, the kids seemed to understand and never gave it a second thought. And THAT right there leads me to the point of this post.

Friends, over 2,000 attend SCC every week, and nearly 4,000 call this place home. To put this in perspective, that’s two thirds of the total attendance of last nights professional hockey game! Yet there are always a few who get angry and leave SCC stomping their feet and flapping their gums over the fact that I would not sign (in blood) their personal ‘best friend’ contract. The terms always seem more than fair to these man-sized babies. Here are a few unspoken examples:

1. The pastor should meet me for lunch whenever I call (at least once a week).
2. The pastor should call my family even if my 22 year old son’s goldfish dies. Who better to do the funeral?
3. The pastor and ONLY THE PASTOR should do all visitation, marriage ceremonies, funerals and hospital runs — starting with me and my family!
4. Small groups are fine I guess but I need to be in THE PASTOR’S SMALL GROUP!
5. If I need to talk, the pastor should drop whatever he’s doing and accommodate me (even in between services on Sunday morning or when a 2 or 3 minute video is playing).

You get the idea? Good. Want to know the sad truth of this? It’s almost always the long term Christians that think like this — almost always people who have been at SCC long enough to know our mission, our size, and to know better!

In the mean time I think I can help. Be more like the kids at the hockey game who all had a great time with their friends from SCC. Find a small group and begin ministering to others. Be the kind of friend you expect the pastor to be and you’ll have so many friends around you won’t know what to do with them.

Just some thoughts