I Don’t Wanna Grow Up! Part One


No I’m not referring to Toys-R-Us kids — I’m grown up and I’m still a toys-R-us kid. I’m actually referring to that comical phenomenon with children that finds them saying, I can’t wait tell I’m grown up, then I can do anything I want! We’re all in a hurry to grow up until about the age of 29.9…THEN we’ll do anything to slow it down.

Young children also try to convince you they are mature when they clearly aren’t.

Rugrat: I’m grown up!

Parent: But you’re only 3 feet tall.

Rugrat: Yeah, but I’m big on the inside!

That’s physically anyway. It’s even amusing and somewhat cute to see a 4 year old boy tell you that he’s the strongest man in the world. Spiritually? Well now that’s a different story altogether.

In the church there are always new believers, tire-kickers, and mature Christians. But there are also full grown adults walking around in diapers telling everyone how mature they are. It might be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

How do you know if you are one of these thumb sucking babies? Believe it or not, there are dead giveaways just as there are with small children.

Example: If a 3 foot rugrat named, Scooter tells you he could lift the whole house over his head, not only would one look at him dispel that boast, but also, the fact that no one on the planet who ever lived, lives now or will ever live could lift a house over their head also acts as a bit of a hint that this kid is all talk.

It’s much the same with spiritual babies.

Example 2: I’m going to have to find another church. I’m just not getting fed here. Once again — DEAD GIVEAWAY.

Think about this. What age group of the human race can’t feed themselves? Answer = babies. And babies SHOULD be fed. But they should also be taught at one point how to hold a spoon and feed themselves, and, with a little tenderness, patience and love that little toddler will soon be nourishing himself!

Wouldn’t it be weird though, to go out to dinner with another couple and see the wife feeding her perfectly capable husband right there in the middle of Applebee’s?

Here comes the plane. Open the hanger. Varoooom!

Be honest, that would be the last time you went anywhere with those two!


It’s embarrassing.

It’s bizarre.

It’s dysfunctional.

And, yes, it’s immature and babyish.

So, if that’s you, let me say what so many of us have to accept at one point or another on the road to becoming an adult. Robby, my boy, it’s time to grow up.

God’s Word is chalk full of richness and truth and wonders unimaginable! When it comes to being fed, think of the church service as a special dessert! But think of the rest of the week as chow time! The Lord wants you to meet Him each and ever day in a quiet place to read His Word and pray. In short, to be fed.

God is ringing the dinner bell for you everyday. Are you showing up for the meal?

Come and get it!