I Can Hardly Wait!


LostWant to know what thrills me to death?!

Seeing those who are far from God brought near through the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. This weekend I am believing God for more people to come home to Jesus for Christmas then at any other weekend we’ve ever had.

That’s a lofty hope I know, but I truly believe that if we bring them God is going to show up in a HUGE way!!

Also, I’ve been laboring over this message like almost none other. It will be the fourth and final message in our Christmas series, “Presents” and it’s called, “Lost @ Christmas.”

It’s sad to me how many people feel disconnected and lost this time of year—more so than at any other if you believe all the studies you read. I for one have no trouble believing them because I see it every day. That’s why I’m thrilled to have a role in helping people find the true meaning of Christmas and connect with their creator.

I hope everyone who calls Southbrook home will plan on being there this weekend and on Christmas Eve with as many friends and loved ones as they can fit in their vehicle in tow!

And I’ll make this prediction. Those who follow through on getting their people there this weekend will be forever blessed by what they experience.

Count on it!