Yesterday I was reminded that He (God) has the whole world in His hands. That means ultimately, the…

  • global warming won’t melt us
  • melting glaciers won’t send a wall of water after us
  • economic crises is not a crises for Him
  • financial collapse doesn’t even put a dent in the Almighty’s funds
  • battles around the world won’t affect God’s armies
  • spiritual battles seemingly lost won’t affect the outcome of the war of the ages (see Revelation for a sneak peak of how it all ends)

and so on and so on.

Believe it or not, all that seems so weighty today will be a part of history tomorrow. And all of history (small ‘h’) is ultimately a part of History (big ‘H’) as it is weaved together for God’s greater purpose. And here’s a real cool part for you and me. Your story and my story can be a significant part in HIStory. Isn’t it amazing and an almost incomprehensible privilege how you and I are actually invited to play a role in the heavenly drama? He could snap His fingers and accomplish it all the same with or without you and I.

I’m glad it’s ‘with.’ That brings me great joy and gives me great purpose in life. And when I have that.

The rest is History.