Here’s What’s Coming


Look Up!

Look Out!

Look In!

That’s what this month has been about at SCC. It’s vision month (actually, it’s vision 5 weeks, but I’m hoping no one will notice the extra week). The people of SCC seem more fired up right now than I have ever seen them! In short, this place is on fire!

Today in staff meeting I listened as your pastors and directors each shared the God sized visions they believe the Lord has given them. I heard story after story of HUGE faith building strategies that can only be accomplished if God is leading the way. It was my hope and prayer that we would all be thinking and praying this way by the summer — instead, we’re there NOW.

In addition to this, SCC has started the first 3 weeks this year by increasing nearly 50 people a week! This past rainy weekend there were nearly 100 more people at our weekend services than the record weekend before! God keeps bringing the people in spite of the fact that so many of them have to stand through the entire service at the 10:00 and 11:30 hours.

Right now we are discussing the possibility of adding yet another service as well as another video cafe time at either 8:30 or Saturday evening. But these are just temporary solutions. For the big picture there are 2 things we need all of you to pray about.

First, we need to see the Lord move in the hearts of those to whom He has blessed financially to give toward the kick-off of our new building. As I have shared with you all on several Sundays lately, the giving has greatly increased and we could very nearly make the payment on general tithe alone for our new building — a worship facility that will seat at least 1200!

I would also like all of you to be praying about the launch of our first video campus AND Spanish speaking campus in Monroe! That’s right, we are going to bring some relief to the hundreds who drive from Monroe to SCC as well as the growing population of Spanish speaking SCC attendees who love the way we do church but would benefit greatly from hearing the message in their first language.

So, here’s the plan…

We are in the process of securing and preparing to upfit a warehouse facility in the heart of Monroe that will serve as both a video campus (most likely for the 10:00 service) AND a Spanish congregation led by a Spanish speaking campus pastor from SCC. Several candidates are already being considered for this.

Some of you may want to begin praying about being a part of this launch team. I’ll be telling more in the weeks ahead.

One more thing…

Some of the MP’s have said they greatly desire some marching orders, What’s next? What is God telling you to do, pastor Rob?

Well friends, aside from the little things like shifting services and leading others to Wednesday Night, I believe God is telling us to take seriously the month of, Paying It Forward. How are we doing on this? Though I’m starting to hear some pretty cool stories I’m not seeing any posts on our blog set up to praise God for what He’s accomplishing through us.

Before we charge Hell with water pistols we need to show ourselves faithful in the challenges that are right in front of us everyday.

If you have not ventured out with your family or small group or mid-size group, BETTER GET CRACKING! I want us to celebrate these stories together in less than 2 weeks!

Don’t wait to hear what everyone else is doing, MP’s…LEAD THE WAY! And then tell us what God did.

Can’t wait to read about it!

More to follow.

Keep praying.

Keep serving.