Hell’s Kitchen — Part 2


0327hellskitchLove him or hate him, there’s one thing you gotta admit about President George W. Bush. He doesn’t do anything for the approval of others.

Seriously, have you ever seen a leader stick by his convictions no matter what anyone thinks to the contrary? He borders on stubborn with this pitbull like tenacity (some would say he’s crossed that border). But there is certainly something to be admired about a leader who will not put his finger in the wind to gauge his next move. There is something to be said for a person who will not go fishing for approval. There is something to be said for someone who does not try to spin his character into existence through the media.  

Like it or not, what you see is what you get with ‘W.’

When it comes to Hell’s Kitchen, there are varying degrees of heat. George Bush just might be in the hottest kitchen on earth.

Besides the church.

Now don’t read me wrong here. Hell and the church have exactly zero in common, but the heat factor in the church can still get pretty intense. And it goes up by degrees directly related to the amount of changed lives. The more people transformed by the love of Christ, the hotter the temperature—the greater the pressure Satan applies to try and blow the whole thing up.

What should pastors do knowing this?

Put on your flame retardant suit and get back in there! You’re not in this for comfort and a nice job. You’re in this because God called you to accomplish His mission on earth. You can take a cool relaxing break when you get to heaven.