Heat Activated


WaltcoloredfireI’ve been talking a lot lately about values and vision—even the whole idea of infusing these two things into others. But I haven’t said much about how that’s done.

Oops. My bad.

So I want to write a couple posts abut just that and I warn you…

it won’t be how you think.

So, to begin, here’s a hint for my two Saturday readers.

Remember chemistry class? What was the most fun part?

Some of you are thinking, “Um, chemistry class and fun. Gee pastor, I never really put those two things together before—sure you have this thing settled in your own mind?”

Yes, and quit being a smart Alec. I’m talking to those who struggle in classes like chemistry (that would be me—the polar opposite of my wife who actually took chemistry in seventh grade for fun!!) and usually end up excelling at things like lighting the Bunsen burner and mixing chemicals that cause the biggest explosion. For us, at least one thing was discovered in chemistry class.

It takes heat to make most things happen.

That’s not only true in chemistry class, but in life as well.

We’ll be talking about that over the next couple posts.