Heat Activated – Part 3


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So now you know that it takes heat to not only get a lot of things going—not everything (snow comes to mind) but a lot of things. Yet, one of the reasons we fail to use heat to make great things happen is because we associate heat with bad things. When the heat is turned up in most of our lives, it translates to heartache, worry, problems and pain. But is that all heat has to offer?

Not by a long shot.

Just like chemistry class, you can use heat to make good things happen. There’s even good heat.

I would say heat is good if it cases a company value to stick to the staff. I would call heat positive if it instills vision in the people. Truth is, when you heat up (for example) a value, you help people create within themselves a spiritual reaction called change. I like the way author and church leader, Bill Hybels puts it…

Want to jolt people out of business as usual? Heat up innovation.

Want to untangle confusion? Heat up clarity?

Want to eradicate miserliness? Heat up generosity!

Ok, but how does this happen?

Well, for me the Lord is convicting me that I need to teach more on the values and vision that God has burdened me with. If I want our church to be a generous church than I have to teach on it, encourage our staff in this area and most importantly, I have to live it.

I have to be generous myself.


You were afraid I was going to go there, weren’t you? But it’s so true, and leaders (in whatever walk of life) need to figure out what matters most (their ‘values’) and then turn up the heat in those areas of their own life.

Then and only then can you apply the Bunsen Burner to those you lead.