Guinea Pigs


WingateUBulldogThis morning I will be speaking to the Wingate Football Team in their chapel service before game time. They’re 3 and 1 so far this year and riding pretty high. It’s a privilege an an honor and the closest I’ve ever been to being a part of college football.

What do you say to a group of athletes who have Crush, Kill, Destroy on the mind?

Same thing I’m going to say to the folks at Southbrook Church tonight as we gather to plot how we can take even more territory from the enemy by winning more souls for Christ. The team will hear a small part of it first, so you might say they are my guinea pigs. But there are no guinea pigs really when you are proclaiming God’s truth. God’s Words do not return void–something always happens. It will happen with these athletes and it will happen this weekend at Southbrook Church. We don’t have to be precession athletes or warriors to do this. In fact, God takes pleasure in using the simple to confound the wise, in using the weak to pummel the strong, the fearful to put fear in the fearless, the merciful and loving to conquer the arrogant and the humble to defeat the proud. Just make sure you take your heavenly Father with you into the ring and you can’t lose! Go it alone and you can’t win—at least not in matters of eternal importance.

I want these football players to take the same fearlessness they’ve had beat into them through grueling training in the hottest North Carolina summer ever and carry it out through life.

With one major difference.

Their confidence will now come through Christ.

Yours will too.

Come and see.