Guest Blogger: Michelle Singleton on, “Snow Days”


People around here seem to have a sort of love hate relationship with the cold side of rain.

  • If it’s ice—you hate it. That’s universal
  • If it’s puny (3 inches or less) you hate it. That’s almost universal.
  • If it’s a ‘no show,’ that’s really hated. When this happens (and it’s often), the weathermen have to enter a witness protection program for at least a few years.

As for me and my house? We love it. And what do we do?

How bout I let my favorite guest blogger tell you?


Manna From Heaven!

What do our kids do when school is cancelled for a surprise SNOW DAY?  Take a peek:










Yep!  That’s us Singletons!  From left to right:  Nathan, Michelle, Rob and Juliana.  Notice our 4 dogs sitting in front of us.  Terrific packing snow…just not much of it!  But that didn’t stop Nathan. 

And are we wearing polka dots?  Sure looks like it ~ thanks to the Carolina Sweet Gum Trees. 

But our greatest snow challenge was getting the dogs to leave our stick arms in place.










Don’t they look guilty?


And what is this? A shot of the garage?  Look closer….



















It’s a Chew Shooter

And just what is a Chew Shooter you ask?  I had to ask for myself.

Juliana dreamed-up, designed and constructed this “chew shooter” out of paper and scotch tape — lots of tape!  The shooter runs from her bedroom window down to the garage below.  It is designed to shoot Chewy Treats outside to our dogs!   “Kind of like manna from heaven, Mom!”

If my little girl cares enough for our dogs to lovingly send good gifts from her bedroom down to where our dogs are outside, how much more does our Heavenly Father care enough to lovingly send good gifts to us!

James 1:17 (NIV)

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…

Take notice of God’s good gifts to you today…