Griswold Results are in…But Wait!


ChristaThe results of our little impromptu Christmas decoration vote is in and House ‘B’ absolutely shredded house ‘A’ in our little contest for Griswold family madness! But I think I should tell you that house ‘A’ actually added a nativity. Imagine that. Amidst all the ‘Walmartish’ items someone apparently had a Homer Simpson moment and remembered that it might be a good idea to try and woo the evangelical vote (Christmas being a ‘Jesus’ event in the first place and all!).

Anyway, I’m switching my vote. Before it’s too late I’m rallying the troops to give another victory to house ‘A.’

Who’s with me!? Remember, time is short, but I’m hoping to create a Hukaboom in the final hour!



House A

Christmas lights One

House B

House B



Ok gang, today is the day to invite. Here’s the order of events:

1. Pray

2. Pray

3. Pray

4. Invite (to join you — not meet you) at SCC for one of this weekend’s services.

5. Pray

Got it? Five easy steps to growing God’s family and I’m pretty sure that 4 of them are extremely easy to remember! Also, I happened to grab a ticket for this picture that says 10:00 pm but remember, that is just one of the many time options we have. For the details go to, and don’t forget to pick up your tickets at church this weekend. And REMEMBER, we are talking about 2 different events here! The weekend service times are as usual and the weekend services are where the GINORMOUS gospel push will happen. This is the time for which southbookies everywhere wrote names on the ornaments. The gospel will be presented in a powerful way at all 10 Christmas Eve services as well, but please don’t get the events confused.

Hey, I have an idea! Bring’m to both!