Good News that Comes in Twos!


I’m sitting in the church office today (my day off <-- HA, HA, HA!! <--sorry, couldn't help it. It just came out). But there is one good thing about being a bit behind this week -- I'm sending out the New beleiver's Bibles I promised to all those who made decisions to trust Christ as Lord and savior. Look at that stack! Isn't God awesome?!! You know, sometimes an individual will bring up the old, "Numbers whine" whenever they hear about how many are attending or how much people are giving generously to God, etc, etc.'s a number even those baptized in prune juice can appreciate! There are 41 people following Christ today who were on a completely different path away from Him just DAYS ago! I hope you'll join me in celebrating. Our God is good! I said two things. Here’s the other. A lot more MP’s and potential MP’s are throwing their name in the ring as far as serving in 07′! That’s flat out AWESOME! We need you — every one of you.

Another cool thing (which, I guess makes it three) is that I forgot to count spouses and families on my previous deal. Sooooo… We’re actually at about 45!!! Only 255 left to go… :) (See post entitled, ‘A New Year — Who’s In?’ posted 3 days ago, for details).

Some of you once a week blog readers still need to stand up and be counted. Another tidal wave is forming for 07′. I bet this one will dwarf the giant wave of 06′. Hope so.