Good Cop/Bad Cop


Ever play this as a kid?


You grew out of it though—didn’t you?




Please tell me you grew out of it!


It’s fun as kids, but even when we’re young, moist people don’t want to play this in relationships because most of us want to know who we are dealing with. I don’t want to have to wonder whether or not my friend is playing the good friend/bad friend thing with me. I just want him to be a good friend. Or, ‘true friend’ perhaps is a better way of putting it.


Other things in life get stuffed into black and white categories as well.


  • Good fun/Bad fun
  • Good jokes/Bad jokes
  • Good fear/Bad fear


Wait, ‘good fear’? What’s that? Is there such and animal?


Oh yeah and you better know the difference because it’s a matter of life and death—eternal life and death.


And yes, I am trying to scare you!


But it’s the ‘Good fear.’


More on this tomorrow.