Going to Monroe



This weekend marks the first attempt at Southbrook Church to preach live at 2 different campuses (20 minutes apart) and honestly—I can’t wait! I have always loved preaching at the hub (Weddington) but have developed a special fondness for the mission we are beginning in the city of Monroe. What can I say? It reminds me of the first days of Southbrook Church!

Some of you have expressed how pleasantly surprised you were at how awesome the facility and group is at Monroe—and many families have since decided to make Monroe their new church. Here’s my challenge to many, many more of you—especially those who live in or near Monroe…

Why not come check it out this weekend and see for yourself?

After preaching live at Southbrook Weddington, I will drive over to Southbrook Monroe to preach live at their 11:00 am service. I’d love to see a lot of you there, and there with a real openness to God’s possible leading in this direction. Those who have made the switch don’t regret it one bit!

Hope to see you there!

With bells on!

Whatever that means.