‘Going’ to Church vs. ‘Doing’ Church


Ok, ok, I admit it. even when I am not preaching it is hard to go to SCC and not ‘do church’. Seriously, if I’m not snapping photos for my blog, I’m running back and forth between the main worship auditorium and the video cafe to see if both worship experiences are all they should be. Today that was especially challenging becasue of the rain.

So, I’ve made it a New Year’s resolution (b/c my wife made me — and b/c they don’t work anyway so I don’t mind throwing them out there if it’ll make folks happy :) ) to BE THERE when I am at church rather than playing coach all the time. I don’t get the opportunity to worship at a wonderful place like Southbrook very often so I want to make the best of it.

Today’s message (by Tim Buwick) was really good and it fired me up even more for all that God has for us in 07′. The difference in a plain old ‘resolution,’ and an actual decision for life change is that life transformation includes God while resolutions have no more to them than good old fashion will power — basically, they’re pretty worthless. Thanks, Tim, for helping us to remember to let God lead the way for life changes rather than sheer willpower!

ANyone else excited about what God is going to do through the family of Southbrook in 07′?! I know I am.

Again, if you want to get ready for big things, don’t miss a single week of our first series of the year, “G-FORCE.” We’ll be talking about how much more God can do through people who are sold out to His purposes instead of their own. Hope to see you all there!