God’s Mighty Men, Women, and Youth


Why should Sunday be any different than Saturday?

I’m not quite sure what I expected today. It’s just that Saturday evening was so special and moving that I didn’t see how God could possibly top it…Then came Sunday.

Today more than 200 people came forward in our five services (3 in the main building and 2 in the video cafe) to either commit their lives to Jesus Christ for the first time or to step out and offer themselves as ‘fully devoted followers of Christ’ for His mission at Southbrook Church! — and to think, I was nervous that there might be no one joining me on stage.

Another thing hit me today as I was leaving. Why has God moved so mightily through this church? At least one of the reasons is that we have always had mighty men and mighty women willing to risk it all for God. From the small remnant still with us from the earliest days of Southbrook (those individuals who often wore four and five ministry hats at a time) to today’s tiny staff (all of whom have taken pay cuts just to be a part of this dream team here). We already have dozens and dozens of men, women and young people who have taken that bold step for Christ that says, “I’ll do whatever it takes,” it’s just that this weekend we added several hundred more!
God is good, and I can’t wait to see what He will do through these people whose heart’s are truly His!