God In a Box


Isn’t it strange when Christians talk about God in a box? How big is your God? Do you have God in a box? You need to increase the size of your box? God is bigger than your box.

Pretty funny if you think about it. What does God think of all of this ‘box talk?’ Its almost like the old philosophical question about a tree falling in the forest…If a tree falls somewhere in the middle of a far away forest, and no one is around, does it still make a sound?

If my thoughts on God are really, really small, does that REALLY affect the size of God almighty?

The obvious answer is no.

So why do we use such analogies? Because we are really looking for a way to talk about how puny our faith is. The size of our faith is constantly in flux, but the size of our God is not—no matter what we are currently thinking.

Which leads me to this past weekend. It was AWESOME seeing all those names on the light pillars in the worship center and video cafe! Literally HUNDREDS of friends and neighbors, co-workers and family are represented there. Do you really believe God cares about them?


Then pray for them.

Talk to them.

Invite them for the 10th and 11th of March as Clayton King shares the gospel in a relevant and compelling way. This opportunity is HUGE. Start planning now and expect big things from our BIG, BIG God!

What else can you do to be a part of this?

#1 – Pray like crazy…seriously, I want you to pray every single day that God will use Southbrook to draw people to Him!!! Pray for people by name. Pray before you go to work or school each day. Pray as a family. Tell people you are praying for them!!!

#2 – Invite people to church EVERY single chance you get. And NOT JUST THE 10th and 11th OF MARCH! It takes an average of around seven invites before someone will agree to come to church for the first time. That person you keep inviting–don’t give up! That waitress you are going to see this weekend–invite her. The person at the grocery store, invite him. The more intentional we are in this area I believe the more we will see God work.

‘But Pastor Rob! I am working on the 10th and 11th! If I invite them now they might come early! ‘


What’s the worse thing that could happen? They might get saved BEFORE March 10th and you’d have to get to know ANOTHER lost person and invite them! That’s great news people!

Maybe this will help, I found some disturbing facts out from a favorite pastor’s blog I frequent and the numbers he shared lead me to investigate our own statistics for our area of the country.

Did you know that we have over 400,000 people who live within 20 minutes of our church? If the numbers hold true…then that means that around 225,000 of them DO NOT attend church.

Please get that – 220,000 people within 20 minutes of our church are currently going NOWHERE (If you count Hell as nowhere)!

Does that disturb you at all? SERIOUSLY DISTURB you? It does me! So let’s reach them, EVERYONE of them…because they matter to God therefore they should matter to us. Wake up Christ followers! Numbers matter–every single one of those people are GOING to spend eternity somewhere!!!

So go get’em gang! You may be their only lifeline to God! Make sure your close enough for them to grab it!

See ya Wednesday!

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