God has no grandchildren


A curious thing about most (nearly all) world religions is their somewhat ‘automatic’ nature. It’s almost as if they are on a kind of spiritual cruise control that mechanizes the entire salvation process.





And it’s never turned off.




It’s never inspected.




It never breaks down.




But it never worked in the first place either.





Think about this with me for a moment.


Nearly every belief system in the history of the world (I say nearly, because there is one I’m holding back on that is very different – more about that later) is made up of followers who are merely, ‘born into’ the thing.





I mean, if you’re born in an Arab country, you’re almost ‘automatically’ going to end up a Muslim.




If you’re born in India, you’ll probably be a Hindu and listen to the Beatles (sorry, couldn’t resist).




Tibet? Buddhist




Utah? Mormon




Mars? Christian Science




The planet Romulek or the Cruise/Travolta household? Scientology





And so it goes.




But heaven’s sounds like a pretty awesome place to me.



On the flip side, Hell just doesn’t.









I want to be sure.




HAVE to be sure!



All these false religions, cults, occult, new age, blah, blah, blah seem to have one thing in common. They are all betting on playing the ‘grandchild card’ when they reach the heavenly turnstile.





Will it work?






Why not?




Because God has no grandchildren…




Only children.


Sons and Daughters




And there’s only one way into the family.




See this verse for details.








No human births here. You must be born from above.






Am I favoring Christianity? No, just truth.




So, on the one hand, I guess you might think it’s a bummer that God has no grandchildren, but look on the bright side.




He has millions of kids!