Go God! — Midweek @ The Brook


Here is another testimony to what God has been doing midweek at the Brook service. If you haven’t been, you are missing out.

Pastor Rob,

Just had to let you know that last night at Southbrook
was one of the most moving experiences I have had
since my family and I starting attending about six or
so months ago. AWESOME!! And to think I almost didn’t

I grew up in a Catholic home and had communion
regularly for most of my adolescent life. But like you
mentioned, it was more out of habit than true
understanding. Until last evening, it had probably
been fifteen or twenty years since I have had
communion. Thank you for leading us back to the basics
of loving, serving and worshiping Him.

I had the chance to pray with Pastor Paul about what
has been happening in my life lately. When I lost my
job almost a year ago, I thought this would probably
be one of the worst years in quite some time. Man, has
He proved that little thought wrong, and by the
contrary it has been one of the best!! We have been
blessed beyond imagination and our faith in an unknown
future is strong. He lead my family and I to
Southbrook where my fire for Him was rekindled, and I
now feel closer to Him than ever before. Just when you
think you have it all figured out. God is truly

Thank you Lord for all that you are doing through the
mighty Southbrook family!!

God Bless

Chris Goeller

To God be the glory as the fire continues to spread at SCC!