Give it a rest


Summer is great! I I’ve a little extra time with my family seeing folks refresh.

Every navy needs shore leave.

Every army needs furlough.

And every team has an off season.

But that last one goes a bit too far—don’t’cha think? No, there’s no off season when it comes to sharing the love of Christ.

Michelle and I found ourselves talking about the church and what Christ can do for you countless times even on our 13 year 10 year anniversary trip. And not out of obligation. It just comes naturally. People talk about what or who they love and we love Jesus!

So I’m thrilled to hit the ground running!

What about you? What are you doing right now to stay in the game for Christ? Here are a few things we can do that Christians often put on hold in the summer—let’s go counter Christian culture and give God our very best in the pseudo off season!

  • Invite friends to church now AND in the Fall.
  • Find a place to worship even when you’re on vacation (different worship experiences within the body of Christ are great!).
  • Dad’s, lead the family in devotions each day and let them see that we don’t go on summer leave from God.
  • Help another family in need.
  • Go on a mission’s trip.
  • Commit your family to Help the folks in Monroe for the rest of the summer—as they seek to reach that city at Southbrook Monroe.
  • Help with the many summer youth events and children’s church events.
  • Spend a Friday night “drive-in movie style” with “Movies on the Lawn.”
  • Come to the Saturday evening service for church and then serve on Sunday.

There are a million and one things we can do in this ON-season. Try it and see if it doesn’t make this an even greater summer.