Future Hindsight



Yep, you read that right, ‘Future Hindsight.’ Wouldn’t it be great if hindsight weren’t the only kind of vision that was 20/20?

Sure it would, and the good news is that it’s not.

I was wresting with this the other day in my quiet time with the Lord. Lately I’ve been going through the Psalms. In Psalm 13 King David is having another of his many battles with doubt as to the faithfulness of the Lord. In this particular instance he is in spiritual and emotional turmoil because his Son, Absalom is trying to usurp the throne and has rallied much of Israel to turn against King David.

His own son is doing this!

Can you even imagine? David loved his son with all his heart — True, David was never nominated for father of the year and often played favorites and certainly didn’t spend enough quality time with his kids—

Oh wait, that just makes him a normal father by today’s standards.

I shuddered to think of how often I let less important things in life take precedence over what really matters. I believe they call it the tyranny of the urgent (whoever they are). And the urgent never seems to go away. Unlike oil, there seems to be an everlasting supply of urgent things that scream for my attention. We won’t run out of urgent things in this life, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Or at least not until we see Jesus face to face. So what can we really hope to do about it?

Well, for one we can work on developing something I call, ‘future hindsight.’ After all, everyone says ‘hindsight is 20/20’ so wouldn’t it be great if we could use this extra powerful clarity for looking forward as well?

WAIT! Don’t switch over to another blog! Hear me out. I’m not an mad scientist (at least I’m not a scientist ) thinking he’s discovered time travel. I’m just an ordinary guy who thinks I might be on to something—something incredibly simple.

Something all over the Bible. It’s so prevalent it’s a wonder any of us misses it.

Unless we’re not reading at all. Can’t help you there. You at least have to crack open the book!

But I’m talking about a clear view of both the past AND the future of some of the greatest, most godly men and women who ever lived. They had the hindsight, but we have that and a glimpse into what’s coming in there lives as we read about them.

Do you ever (like me) find yourself reading something in the Bible (let’s take the passage leading up to David committing adultery with Bathsheba as an example) and even though you’ve read it before umpteen million times you still say something out loud like, “What are you doing walking around on the roof staring at Bathing women, David?! What are you some kind of voyeuristic pervert?! Just go lead your army like your supposed to and stay away from her. She’s one of your best friend’s wife!”

But he never listens and the outcome’s always the same.

Seriously, because he walks down the path of adultery, the ending is always the same–always bad.

That path leads there every time. I see it with perfect clarity.

“Future Hindsight”

Look into it. It can save you and I a lot of trouble.