Ahh, the 80’s!

What a completely bizarre decade in our history!

The 80’s were a time of mohawks, punk rock, Brat packs, new wave, rockabilly, Back to the Future, breakfast club, Donkey Kong and Frogger.

Remember Frogger? I do, I was a Frogger wizard (and no, I’m not proud). The goal was to get the little frog across the freeway to the river of moving logs, jump on a log going east then quickly on one going west then east, then you were home free.



In order to get good, you couldn’t simply take a straight line and wait for the cars to pass, or wait for a safe looking log to come along. If you did, you’d be road kill!

No, the good players had to anticipate.

Look three cars back or two logs ahead…

otherwise, it was…SPLAT!

The Christian life is a bit like ‘Frogger.’

There are numerous land-mines along the way. And, if you do not locate them ahead of time and plan for them, and avoid them…your Christian witness will be blown to smitherings!

That’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news.

Discerning the pitfalls, traps and land-minds along the way is really very simple. I like the way Charles Stanley outlined it in a piece he wrote a while back. He mentioned four very simple things Christ followers can do to be good, ‘minesweeper.’

Well talk about each one over the next several days.