Frogger Part 4


No Straight line

As we continue with our little ‘Frogger’ experiment it’s important to know something about this cute little game from the 80’s…

It’s Morphed!



I mean, come on, is this even the same game?!


I checked.

It’s just that it’s changed.

A lot.

But the most interesting thing is that the basic concept is still the same. You have to get the frog across, over, around, or under potential landmines before he is squashed, drowned (I didn’t know you could drown a frog so easily), or eaten.

A new dressing on the same old game.

Friends, that’s what the devil does. His tricks are basically the same. But he does have a lot of different ways to dress them up. So we need to learn to recognize his landmines before we get to close. Last time we talked about the first landmine. Remember?

Surrender your life to the Lord.

This is the most important one. It trumps all the others, because it doesn’t matter how well you learn to play your position if you aren’t even on the team! Joining God’s family is the first and most important way to deal with the tricks of the evil one.

Here’s the second one:

Ask God to teach you His truth.

In chapter 6 of Ephesians, Paul lists the armor of God. I believe that putting on the armor of God each morning is an essential part of being an effective minesweeper.

Notice I didn’t say, ‘putting on the armor each night, or afternoon.” That’s because I’ve never heard of a soldier getting outfitted for battle and then crawling into bed! Or even half way through the battle. You need to be ready first thing, or you are toast!

You can read all about each piece of armor here. Go read it before continuing with this post.

Go on…GET!


Good. Here’s a couple things to notice. First, did you see how there was only one offensive weapon mentioned? Did you find that odd? I mean every other piece is ‘defensive.’’ Here’s why…

It’s the only weapon we need. It’s the same one that Jesus used when facing Satan in the wilderness.

It’s the Word of God (The Bible). It’s God’s eternal truth spoken to man. If you are facing temptation in any area of your life, God’s Word can teach you how to handle it and come out unscathed!

Better look into it.

There are a lot of landmines out there. And they may operate by the same basic principles, but they sure look different!