Frogger Part 3


Avoiding Landmines


I love the way Charles Stanley presented this whole “landmines” issue in his monthly newsletter. He set it up as follows:

Physical landmines are places on roadsides and in open fields of war-torn countries. In a similar way, Satan goes out before us each morning and strategically places spiritual landmines along our path. Each one of us faces trials and temptations, no matter how hard we try to avoid them; there is simply no such thing as a clear, straight path in life. When we step on one of the enemy’s traps by yielding to sin, or temptation, an explosion follows—one that affects not only our fellowship with God, but also our relationship with those we know and love.

Landmines such as pride, jealousy, envy, insecurity, compromise, unforgiveness, disappointment, fear, sexual sin, and laziness alter the way we live. They damage our testimony for Christ and shift our focus away from God, locking it instead on ourselves. When this happens, we miss the abundant joy that comes form experiencing His riches blessings. But you do not have to become a casualty of way. God has promised to provide the wisdom and decrement you need to uncover and disarm every destructive device lying in wait along your path.

Here are the 4 ways you can uncover the potential landmines in your life:


1. Surrender your life to Jesus

2. Ask Him to teach you truth.

3. Be committed to following Him, even in times of difficulty

4. Ask the Lord to give you godly discernment and wisdom.

We’ll take these one by one, beginning with, “Surrendering your life to Jesus.” Your relationship with the God who created you is the most important thing in your life…PERIOD.

Not the decision of who you will marry

Not which college you will attend

Not where you will live

Not what profession you choose

All of these pale in comparison to knowing Jesus Christ. Miss Him and you miss everything.

But pastor Rob, I want to have fun, being a Christian seems kinda boring. I’m just not that interested in that right now…maybe later.

If that’s you, guess what? You are already standing in the middle of a minefield, and the next step you take could be deadly. You need to go ahead and surrender to God and His ways. Accept His free gift of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.

On God’s battlefield, surrender is not waving a white flag of defeat. Instead, it is a bold step taken toward victory, peace, and blessing!