Frogger Part 2


The Art of Minesweeping

What’s the big deal about spiritual landmines anyway?

A lot of people, the moment the word ‘spiritual’ is attached, breathe a quiet sigh of relief.

Thank goodness, they reason, at least we’re not talking about anything real here. Even some Christ followers may harbor feelings like this in the back recesses of their minds. But we need to remember that the reality we allude to when we think this way is exactly 180 degrees off reality.

Here’s the way God’s Word describes our daily battles, struggles and realities,

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

Sounds like the fight that matters is the one in the spiritual realm.

This doesn’t mean we should let our physical bodies go to waste, we need to be healthy and alert. It’s just that we need to place our physical well being in the proper perspective.

A lot of people work on their physical fitness their entire lives (some obsessively) until the day they die. That’s almost comical if you think about it. As an obsession, it really doesn’t make much sense. You’re fighting a battle that you cannot, ultimately win. Let’s put it in perspective.

Here’s what you can do for yourself in the physical realm;

  • You can prolong your life (assuming you don’t get hit by a bus).
  • You can enhance your life (assuming you don’t contract some fatal disease).
  • You can increase your speed (up until age 30 or so).
  • You can get stronger (until you peak at 40 or so).

Depressed yet?

You shouldn’t be.


Those are still worthy pursuits. The healthier you are physically, the better you will do spiritually. Provided you’re on the right spiritual track in the first place. Don’t worry, it’s easy. There’s only one path. Read about it here.

Go on. I’ll wait.

Got it?

Good, I’d hate to do all 5 parts of this series only to realize I left some of you way back at part 2!

You know what? That’s probably enough for today. Besides, it’s a Saturday post and Saturdays are notoriously light.

Quick recap.

  1. We are at war in this life.
  2. The battle is not against flesh and blood.
  3. It’s a spiritual battle.
  4. You still need to be physically fit to fight well.
  5. But it’s most important to be spiritually fit.
  6. Work more on spiritual fitness than physical fitness
  7. But work on both

Got it?

FroggerGood. We’ll need this basic foundation to move on in good health. Because, in life, you ought to be able to feel a bit more secure than the little frog (in frogger) dashing across the busy road.!

P.S. Some of you are just beginning your spiritual journey—210 of you to be exact. Your very next step on this journey needs to be this Sunday after the 11:30 service  as you publicly profess your love for Jesus through baptism. We can accommodate all 200 plus of you, so come on out. It will be an awesome celebration!

Here’s some pictures from a recent baptism for you to enjoy…

Baptism crowd

See you all there!


















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