Frivolous Friendships Finally Finished.


Last time we discovered the obvious together (actually, you already knew, but I had to be reminded that)…



I show signs of a “work in progress.”


Hey, at least I admit it.


Do you?


Actually, we all do. The dream may often come fast, but then, before that dream is ever really solidified, comes spiritual boot camp.


You know what? I shudder to think what would have happened so many times in my life if the dream came too quickly. Almost every time I think I’m ready to handle something, God shows me, graciously, that I wasn’t ready.


David sure seemed ready to me. His best friend growing up was God. Check it out…


He had learned to fear no man or beast.


He had learned to appreciate the simple things and to see God in every situation.


He had ginormous faith.


But was he ready to be the greatest king Israel ever had? That’s a pretty tall order.


Sorry, not quite ready.


He needed to learn that God keeps His promises over the long run.


He needed to learn that there is no such thing as a truly hopeless situation if God isn’t through with you yet.


He needed to learn to be reverent and respectful of authority even when that authority was anything but deserving of respect.


He needed to learn not to force God’s hand (as if he could), but to wait on the Lord’s perfect timing in all things.


He needed to learn all of this and so much more to be the kind of king that God picks to lead a nation.


After nine years he was ready.


Patience young grasshoppers.


God does want to do great things through little ole you and little ole me.


When we’re ready.