First Day of School! First Day of School!


I don’t remember being this excited about school when I was a kid. Do you? But imagine the thrill upon seeing both my 9 year old daughter and my 11 year old son pumped up about school starting back up.

Go figure.

Well, I know of a few more students and families who might be more pumped than ever about school, and it’s all because of the generosity and love of many of the folks who are part of the Southbrook family. In all we purchased and filled (with school supplies) 150 back packs for the elementary students at Benton Heights Elementary School. In addition, families from Southbrook sponsored about the same amount of school uniforms.

Who wouldn’t want to pastor a church like this?!

Well Southbrook, our Monroe Campus (meeting at Benton Heights until renovation is complete on our permanent facility) is in full swing. And I wanted you to know that your generosity is making a difference. In case you missed it 2 weeks ago, here is part of a letter the school principal shared with us:

Dear Southbrook Church Family,

Allow me to share one of the events that took place during the first week of school:

On the first day of school a mother, son and daughter came to Benton Heights Elementary for their first day. The mother has been relocated to __________ (I will leave this unnamed for her protection — but it is a battered women’s shelter), after fear that her estranged husband had found out they were living in another shelter. With no income, you can imagine the anxiety this family must have been going through starting a new school and a new school year. As the counselors and I worked with this family to give them new book bags fully stocked with school supplies, and uniforms to get them on their feet, we were overcome with the spirit that God and our Savior Jesus has shared with all of you and that you have now shared with us.

The 2008 – 2009 school year at BHE School has launched off to an incredibly promising start. Through your generosity we have been able to give away over 150 backpacks with school supplies and 150 uniforms to the students of this school and this community. This kindness has eased the burden for many of our families. It has also warmed the hearts and lifted the smiles of many of our students…”

Love and Blessings,

Michael Harvey

Principal Benton Heights Elementary School

You see? You are making a difference!

And I hope many more of you will join our launch team already attending Southbrook Monroe. The needs are great and we need everyone who can to go forth as a light to that community.

Let me close out this post by encouraging everyone to INVITE, INVITE, INVITE this weekend. The gospel message will be given in a plain, powerful and straight forward way. And God has always moved when we have been faithful to do this.

Cya this weekend!