Finish Strong


Dan FishmanPsalm 71 basically picks right off where 70 ended—the whole idea of being a living example for God.

The difference in this psalm is that the psalmist wants to make sure he finishes strong.

I do too, don’t you?

In fact, people don’t put near enough stock in the finish line of this race called life, but what does it matter how good you ran if you never cross the finish line? And what if you do cross it, but your basically gasping for spiritual breath and hanging on to God by the skin of your teeth?

Not a good way to finish.

I’m telling you, a bad finish can nearly nullify 80 years of a well run race. Just look at pastors who have had affairs 30 years into ministry. Look at the Ted Haggards and Jim Bakers—the Jimmy Swaggarts, etc. A lot of good may have been done along the way, but what are each of these men remembered for?


So run the race and run like you want to win. But most importantly,

Finish strong!