Today I won the battle of the blog!


What’s that?

It’s the 2 person battle between me and my wife over whether or not she should start a blog of her own. Up until today she saw no reason for it. Excuses included, but were by no means limited to;

  • I like just reading yours
  • I can’t write as good as you (paaaleeeaaassseee! — She’s 10X better!)
  • I don’t have time.
  • I’m not technically savvy enough.
  • Yours takes too much of our time already! (<— By far the most difficult hurdle for me to get over)
  • I’m tired of hearing about blogs! Everyone and their brother’s cousin’s nephew’s ex roommate has a blog these days! (She has a point there)
  • Who would want to read it? (she’s in for a shock on this one.)

Anyway, it hardly matters now because I won! She’s blogging now and you can read her first post at,

Hope you enjoy!