Final Installment — I Don’t Wanna Grow Up!


I’m a movin on up! — Or would that be just, ‘movin on?’

One of the things pastors of growing churches hear a lot goes something like this, ‘I used to feel so appreciated around here, but then a bunch of new people came and the pastor dropped me like a hot potato!’

I hear this from time to time, though, as the vision becomes more clear to folks and they gain an understanding of what God has called us to do—I hear it a lot less.

I’m sure it looks that way at times to some folks, but I thought it might help to give a peek into the pastor’s perspective. So, without further adieu, the pastor’s perspective;

Gang, I feed off fired up believers and genuinely curious seekers more than just about anything else. At the same time, there is little else I find more draining than a ‘Christian’ who drops out of the Lord’s service for petty reasons. It reveals a motive that guarantees a huge disappointment is right around the corner.

You see, we all need to serve because we were made for ministry. We all need to serve because every member is a minister. We all need to serve because there is 1,000 times more joy in giving than there will ever be in receiving. It’s just one of those non-negotiable ingredients in an ‘Abundant Life Souffle” — There’s just no getting around it. And why would you ever want to after all the Lord has done for you?

That’s why we need to serve and volunteer; on the other hand, we don’t serve in order to get noticed or appreciated. We don’t serve in order to gain power in our own personal ministry fiefdom. We don’t serve to bolster our self-esteem, and we don’t serve if we can’t do so without joy.

Why not?

Because it leads in the opposite direction from an abundant life. It leads straight to misery. And, like the 4 monkeys in the room who refused to go after the bananas (check out the podcast from G-Force – part 2 “Give.” Podcast can be accessed by going to and clicking on the link that says, ‘click here to visit southbrook’s blog.’), you’ll soon find yourselves living in a culture of failure instead of a culture of success.

That’s why, whenever I see a volunteer serving with a smile and obvious joy I try to encourage them. I want them to know what an encouragement they are to me. I’m flat out DRAWN to people like that. They are just fun to be around.

On the other hand, I’m drained by the people who constantly want to justify entering into a sort of ‘early spiritual retirement.’ Don’t get me wrong, burn out is a real and present danger whenever we over do it. That’s why we encourage people to get involved to the tune of ‘Worship + 2″ which equals gathering with others for corporate worship when the doors are open and serving in one ministry while being a part of ONE small group. It’s simple really. Anymore and burn out is right around the corner. Any less and you run the risk of disengaging completely.

So, I’m sorry, friends. I love all of my brothers and sisters at SCC! It’s just that God put this sense of urgency on my heart and I know my window of time to serve Him will not last forever on this earth.

For that reason I can love everyone but tend to move with the movers.

PS Hey MP’s great job this weekend on the little things. The video cafes were slammed both services. Now, if we can just get Saturday night and 8:30 to capacity we won’t stall out this year.

Oh, one more thing. I am going to go ahead and post some “things ahead” for you all to be working on BEFORE the congregation at large hears of it.

Just like King David — the mighty men always paved the way for the “Next Big Thing!”