Fear of Rejection…continued


This is the second half of our number one reason for not witnessing poll.




Remember the answers?




Here they are incase you missed it (by the way, you can still vote if you haven’t already. Vote here.).




Why Don’t More Christians Share their Faith with Others?

  • Fear of rejection

4445% of all votes

  • Don’t know enough

2323% of all votes

  • Fear of not being able to defend beliefs1

99% of all votes

  • Don’t want to be labeled “Jesus freak” – I say label me but that is easier said than done.1

88% of all votes

  • Don’t see the urgency

66% of all votes

  • how to start without saying something weird like “when did you first realize you were going to heaven?”1

44% of all votes

  • Don’t really see Jesus as the only option

33% of all votes

  • Other

11% of all votes

  • Don’t believe in Hell

00% of all votes

  • Believe in Hell, but don’t believe it will be that bad

00% of all votes

Total Votes: 98 Started: August 3, 2007 1 = Added by a guest






Notice (as I shared with you all this weekend) that no one said they don’t believe in Hell as their answer.




So, most of us do believe in a literal place called Hell, but the majority of us are doing nothing about our friends and family and neighbors that we know are headed there.










Well, the poll tells you why.





Fear seems to be the run away winner.





So here are some things to consider if you are afraid to share Christ with others…


  1. What’s the worst thing that can happen to you?

Think about this one. There are many countries around the world where your very life would be in danger for simply being a Christian. Yet. Here in America, likely the worst things that ‘might’ happen are ridicule and rejection.

Once you realize this, it reduces your fear.






  1. Here’s the next thing we can do…PRAY.


Take a look at this verse. It answers that question.

And this verse, if you still don’t get it.

And this one.

And one more.

All good reasons to pray.

Here’s the third help…

3. Start small and work toward more. How about simply inviting that friend to Southbrook Church this weekend as Clayton King shares the gospel in a compelling and relevant way? It might make an eternal difference, and it’s easy!


4. Educate yourself. A lot of Christians claim they don’t know enough to share Christ with others but, at the same time, they make no effort to learn. The Bible says, study to show yourself approved.

Study what?

The Bible!

It’s the best place to start. See this verse, and I’ll see you this weekend!