Falling Chips – Part II


CowChipBIGRemember this one? Maybe you don’t because I have the very frustrating (for you) habit of rabbit trailing from series to series before finishing what I started. So, click here if you need part one of this one in order to follow part two.

Confusing? Hope not.

Anyway, if you go to the first post in this two part series most of the confusion will vanish into thin air…most.

But here’s the simple wrap up. Even though a lot of people want to believe their pitiful behavior is the result of some complicated drawn out, gulf war, previous life, one leg’s shorter than the other syndrome—it’s usually not the case.


And we don’t march forward and spew out phrases of false bravado because we are making up for the hurt we feel from an overbearing mother or as the result of our father wound either.

No, it all comes down to simple trust. Do you trust God or not?

If you do, you really will let the chips fall wherever they will.

If you don’t—you will be in for a really long life of nothing but “Chip Management.”