Exciting News!


Daddy bike 2I’m thrilled to announce that Geoffrey Janes will be the Campus Pastor for Southbrook Monroe! The Janes’ are so excited about all that God has for them and the people of Monroe. This past week they said they could already feel the energy and anticipation from the launch team that continues to meet at Benten Heights Elementary School as they await the grand opening of the permanent facility.

My wife and I enjoyed a Sunday at the Monroe campus as I spoke there this summer (about 6 weeks ago). It reminded me greatly of the early days of Southbrook when we all dreamed of changing the world. I’m so glad that faith and excitement is so easily transferable from one campus to the next to the next. It needs to be—a lot more campuses are coming!

If you live in or near the Monroe area, check out Southbrook Monroe. You won’t be disappointed!