Evolution vs. Maturity


First, (for all you Fundi-Fanatics out there), this isn’t a post about Darwinism or something. So I thought I’d reel you back in before you went chasing that rabbit down that trail.


This is actually about the average Christian’s spiritually pandemic problem of stunted growth and the constant misdiagnosis that our leaders dole out.


I needed to write this today because I just got a brain flash about what might be the growth hormone for the millions upon million of spiritual pigmies wondering why they got ripped off as far as playing in the divine NBA. I love run on sentences!


But listen, why don’t most Christians ever really mature? Ever really grow up? In fact, why do so many seem completely uninterested in even the idea of growing up? There like the religious version of that old “Toys-R-Us” commercial. “I don’t wanna grow up. I’m a Toys-R-Us kid.”


“I don’t wanna mature

I’m a baby Christian”


Doesn’t have quite the ring to it.


And actually, I think most believers really do want to mature deep down inside. It’s just that they don’t know how—or choose to play dumb about it. But one contributing factor is the constant bombardment of “maturity solutions” that are more problematic than solution oriented.


  • You just need to practice more of the ‘spiritual disciplines.’
  • You just need to get your heart right!
  • Maybe you’re not saved (a possibility, but more often misdiagnosed than anything else).
  • Maybe you just need to let go and let God!
  • You are obviously living in sin!

There are a million and one diagnoses that miss the target completely. These are only a few of them and the biggest crime about each is that they can sometimes be right! Their just useless when they are the wrong treatment for the wrong disease. I think it has a lot more to do with getting the process of spiritual evolution confused with spiritual maturing.


I need to think this one through a bit more, but I’ll bet I’m on to something!


* BTW We will be touching on this very subject (maturity and the believer) this weekend at Southbrook Church  as we continue our study of the great book of Hebrews. If you don’t live near here or can’t make it this weekend, just get the podcast or know that the video of the message will be on our website by Tuesday of each week.


** Also, MEN, LISTEN UP! THIS Monday morning is our Monday morning devo. time. The beatings on this topic will continue there until I’m convinced we all get it. Show up if you’re man enough!!