Every Life an Example


Everyone lives for something—even those who try to be so stinkin PC in everything they say and do are living for something.


Political Correctness is the one case where nothing gets counted as something.


Something negative.


Usually, about midway through life you can get a read on what type of an example a person’s life has been. Every kind of example leaves evidence along the way. If the evidence is:


         an estrangement form good, loving people

         a lack of friends

         constant financial turmoil (no matter how many times people helped them get back on their feet).





         Their life almost seems to be cursed in many ways.


Then it’s pretty safe to say that they are a not so shining example of selfishness and, perhaps, laziness.


Not a great legacy.


On the other hand, if the evidence is more like the following than things can be completely different.


         people defend them come what may.

         They have friends everywhere they turn. Real friends, caring friends.

         Many point to them as the reason they are a part of the family of God.

         Their reputation is that of a servant-hearted, generous, joy-filled Christ follower


         A Sweet spirit

         Quick to forgive

         A peace maker

         Their life almost seems to be blessed in many ways.


Well, let’s save us some time—what they are is the polar opposite of the person listed previously.


In every way.




Their life is an example of God’s goodness and faithfulness—His love and grace toward those who follow Him.


Every life is a testimony to something—an example of what you followed all your days.


What’s your life an example of?





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