Evenly Divided


Less than 12 hours from now the world will be celebrating the greatest event in all of history — the resurrection of our the Lord Jesus Christ. At Southbrook Church we’re excited about the chance to celebrate with more of our family together at the same time. Instead of 8 services we are having 2 under one GIANT Heated tent. It seems the Heated aspect of this statement needs constant reinforcing Seriously.

Best Tent PictureThe latest from the panic hot-line has literally HUNDREDS of you fleeing the 9:00 am service for the perceived tropical island like atmosphere of the 11:00 service. Let me remind you that we have between 5 and 7 HUMONGOUS propane heaters that will be fired up throughout the night in order to keep you comfy cozy and, unlike this picture, there ARE sides on the tent so the heat can stay mostly inside the tent. Even so, bring a jacket so that you will be as comfortable as possible (you can always sit on it or leave it in the car if the tent is too warm). But I hope you all will still plan on coming despite the weather. I believe you will. I’ve seen you at Panther’s games that were far worse—and you’ll sit there for almost 4 hours!!!

Ok, enough said. My last deal is to encourage as many of you (MP’s and everyone else) as possible to go to the 9:00 service so that we can evenly divide the crowds. In addition to a couple thousand adults that we are expecting, we should see upwards of 600 plus children this weekend (lucky — they will be in the warm sanctuary!) and we need to make sure we have approximately  300 at each service rather than 150 at one and 450 at the other. So, do your best and leave the rest up to God.

We’re expecting Him to move in a HUGE way!

See you all tomorrow!