Even His Birth saves lives!


This past weekend 8 people made decisions for Christ! That’s flat out AWESOME! Four of them recommitted their lives and wish to put Jesus first again and the others made first time commitments. That means the family of God just grew by four!

News like this will never grow old to me. It’s why we do what we do. Heck, it’s why Southbrook even exists in the first place.

I’ll be sending them Bibles today (New Believer’s Bibles — easy to read, relevant to today’s issues) and encouraging them to stand up and be counted through baptism. Oh, one more thing too…I’ll be sending them YOUR way! They need a small group. Ya’ll have any room at the Inn?

PS I really enjoyed our night at the movies with
50 or so of my closest friends. The “Nativity”
really caused me to think (<-- that's a good thing) You guys ROCK!