Evel Knievel makes his last leap.


Capt_9d2bec35b3484405ad6ed70110f6a61c_obit_knievel_nyek102Evel Knievel Dies at 69

Read about him here.

Evel (That’s Evel. NOT Evil!) was one of my heroes growing up. We had four motorcycles (all dirt bikes) and almost all my friends road competitively or in some sort of Xtreme fashion.

I used to imitate Evel too—jumped my motorcycle the length of at least a few cars, broke a few bones, had a few surgeries that were dirt bike related. But one of the neatest memories I have is that of never really being afraid.

Seriously, I break into a far greater sweat and state of panic when people try to criticize Southbrook or one of our pastors or music or something than I ever did doing motorcycle stunts.

The secret back then?

It’s good and bad (small children should be removed from this next portion of the post immediately)…Here it is.

I wasn’t afraid of physical death.

A lot of the thrill seekers and Xtreme sports gang today seem to be running from something rather than toward someone. Some seem to live recklessly because they can’t find anything in life worth living for. I live this way because I’m living life to the fullest. Some of them believe it’s a short ride (life) and when it’s over, it’s ALL over.

That’s sad.

I’ll take God’s philosophy over theirs everytime. I’m just be getting started. And I knew even as a kid that to live should be to live all out for God, but to die? Well, that would be gain because I’d be with Jesus…

I knew I’d be with my best friend. So I did a lot of crazy things without even thinking about it. It’s a lot like this guys approach to life.

It wouldn’t hurt to recapture some of that even at my age.

Anyone have a dirt bike they can spare?