Easter Is Virtually here!



As Easter quickly approaches, Southbrook church is gearing up for another ALL  CHURCH journey!

This time it’s real AND Virtual.

The name of the series is (3 guesses) “Virtual” and it is…well…look,


That’s right, we are exploring ways to connect with God in an increasingly disconnected world.

How is it that we can be so technologically advanced, have so many avenues for communication at our fingertips, so supposedly ‘connected’ and live on a planet that is getting ‘oh so small’ and yet we are lonelier and more confused than ever?! All these things were supposed to be the ANSWERS to all these needs, yet they have created more NEED than answers, more problems than solutions, and more disconnected people than connected people.

Ready for a change?

How about some real answers instead of these virtual ones?

How about the truth?

You’ll recognize it when you hear it.

The truth just sounds different (thanks, Clayton).