Dueling Visions


It sounds like an old western, but I assure you, it’s more like a modern day slasher film.

My last post generated a little bit of heated discussion (very little — heated. A lot of good, actually) and whenever that happens I take an honest second look at my post and see of there may be something legitimate in there that can cause misunderstanding or if it’s just the nay-sayers practicing their unique gifts of discouragement and disunification.

Most of the time it’s the gift practitionersnearly always, actually. So, I normally practice the ancient art of deletism — a very effective and thorough, problem solving skill.

Occasionally, however, there ends up being some value tucked deep within even the nastiest, most sarcastic of comments. Fortunately I speak fluent sarcasteeze and usually make the right call regarding anonymous snipers.

But, occasionally, I’m just not sure.

So, when in doubt…

One person wrote that I apparently thought I was the only person God could speak to when I refereed to “owning the vision of Southbrook Church.”

Should I?

I mean, the comment was kind of a ‘no brainer, right?

Few rational thinking people would really make the leap from me being serious about staying true to the vision God gave me for His church at Southbrook, to, I am the only one God speaks to, EVER about ANYTHING.

Few indeed.

By few, I mean ONE.  

But, them’s serious charges, so, in the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, “I’ll probably hate myself in the morning for this,” but here goes.


Leadership Principles we learn from Moses: (for more on this check out posts referring to the “Unleash” conference at Newspring Church).

1. Moses simply listened and obeyed.

“Leadership is as easy as listening to God.”

“Time with God is the most important thing I do. Period.”

“In Scripture, God never gave the vision to a committee. Your pastor is accountable to God.” (Heb. 13:17)

“A personnel committee in a church? That’s of Satan.” (<— supposed to be a joke…sort of.)

2. Moses didn’t compromise the vision.

“Powerful people in your church will always try to alter your vision.”

“As a pastor, I can’t please everyone. I’d rather offend the people in the church seats than offend God (who gave us our vision). “

“We always talk about closing the ‘back door’ of a church. If the church is a body…then you need a back door. Maybe the problem with many churches today is that they’re constipated.”

“God will test every senior pastor with people who have money. What will be revealed is whether the pastor is a prostitute or a prophet.”

3. Moses didn’t try to do it all. (Numbers 11:14-17)

“Surround yourself with godly people.

“The best place to find people to staff your church is with the people already in your church–they own the vision.” personal note: unless, of course, Tony Morgan is available (I guess there are exceptions to every rule).

4. Moses was willing to attempt the impossible.

“One of our biggest mistakes: we want a vision that’s safe.”

“What are you asking God for that’s big?”

“If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill.” (God isn’t limited by a lack of $$$). “Don’t use lack of money or resources as an excuse.” Deut. 6:10-12

“Ask God for big things!” This means not asking for stuff that are my big things…he’s talking about the things God lays on your heart.


There you have it. That’s what I mean when I say that I own the vision.

You can’t have dueling visions.

Eventually one will win out.

At Southbrook, it’s God’s

And He gave that vision to me.

I own it.

I will fight for it.

And I will win. 

Pretty clear?


Next post I’ll talk about the fact that NO VISION can be fulfilled through just one person. God uses a team.

A team that’s unified.

Around the vision.

that I own.


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