Don’t Miss THIS Weekend!


Before I post part 2 of the “That’s Not Fair!” blog series, I thought I’d let everyone know that this is one of those Sundays when you will want to invite your lost friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, invading space aliens from the planet Romulek—and anyone else you can think of to Southbrook Church for the final installment of “Vintage Jesus.” The powerful and life transforming gospel will go out in a plain and understandable way that God is sure to use to bring those far from Him—home to His family. If that is your desire for loved ones than do not, let this weekend pass you by without bringing a friend.


Stay posted for part 2 later today.


BTW, I gave this “heads up” for last evening’s “Night of Worship,” — with a focus on Southbrook Missions—and those who made it were not disappointed. I believe everyone was blown away at just how much God is doing through His bride—Southbrook Church! The night truly belonged to God! Here are some pictures and videos from it.