Disturb Me!


Do_not_disturb_signWe’ve all seen the door hangers on hotel room doors that read, “Do not disturb.” And, most of us realize that this means in no uncertain terms that the people inside the room don’t want anything disturbing the peaceful, easy feeling they worked to hard to acquire.

Sure, there are other reasons to hang that sign on the door knob, but this post isn’t about that.

Sadly, many Christians and a whole lot of churches—though starting out strong have somehow come to the conclusion that they’ve earned the right to coast on home to the finish line. And in order to communicate and protect that perceived right, they hang a spiritual door-hanger around their necks or at the front of the church that says (in a way absolutely no one could misinterpret),

“Don’t mess with me (us)! I’m (We’re) spiritually retired!”

Maybe they feel they already ‘put their time in.’

Perhaps they believe they only signed on to the minimal plan which is, pay nothing and get a complimentary,

Get out of Hell FREE card.

No such plan exists but it’s fun to dream, huh?

Isn’t it amazing how hard we sometimes strive to achieve a life of total comfort, meaningless pursuits, no responsibilities and zero impact? We might even start out the opposite—making a huge impact, taking on ginormous things for God, pushing through even intensely uncomfortable situations and making maximum impact only to get to that pseudo pot of gold at the end of the rainbow—the one that let’s us sit back and consume in total comfort for the remainder of our days—however many that is. It’s less for some—more for others. But, make no mistake, the goal definitely seems to be to spend more time undisturbed than it does disturbing.

Might be time to reevaluate your life’s mission.

Just a thought.

Oh, and one more thought. If our elders ever see me coasting as a leader. They have the green light to go ahead and disturb me.