Different Shapes and Sizes


If I told you that my in-laws were 2 of my favorite missionaries most of you would be pretty shocked.

  • I didn’t know your in-laws were missionaries!
  • Where are they missionaries? What foreign land?
  • Do they need prayer?
  • Do they need support?


You’re thinking of missionaries in the more traditional sense. I’m talking about missionaries of a different flavor but no less impactful for the kingdom of God.

You see, pastoring a large and growing church isn’t really as easy as some might think. In fact, it’s by far the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. And I’m not so sure all of the great things we’ve seen the Lord do over the relatively young life of this church would even have been possible without the support and love of my in-laws. The other day I was considering just a fraction of what they do so that I can give this outreach called Southbrook Church my all.

  • They watch the kids when they are here (and we’re not talking about baby-sitting. They give them their full attention and genuinely love being with them. For my kids, the feeling is mutual).
  • They take them places to learn and have fun.
  • They help around our home so that it’s far easier to have them here than not. Have you ever had regular guests that were like that?!
  • Bob (the builder), my father-n-law is a bit of a handy man and I am not. Nough said on that.
  • They genuinely love the lord and see even the smallest of tasks as hugely important if it helps free me up to put more into my sermons.
  • They have the energy of 20 year olds (even though I know they must get tired trying to keep up with 2 kids under 12, they never show it!).

And so much more!

So, maybe you can see now why they are 2 of my favorite missionaries!

I love you, mom and dad!