Did You Get This?


KING_TV_Almost_Live_logo2I’m so thrilled to be able to preach live at Southbrook Monroe this coming weekend! We’ve been kicking this around for some time, but the logistics were always tougher than we thought…

Until now.

This coming weekend I will be wrapping up our 2 Week (Intermission) series, “In God We Trust.” I will preach live at Southbrook Weddington for the 9:00 am service only and then slip out the back, Jack, for a quick trip over to Monroe.

What about the 11:00 service at Southbrook Weddington??!!

Did you forget about the 11:00 at Weddington?! Are you nuts?! Insensitive?! Uncaring?!—

None of the above (well, maybe a little nuts). I just really want to include our Monroe campus in as much as possible. In fact, we are considering doing this from time to time just to keep folks on their toes. I don’t know how often—maybe once a month or so—maybe more—maybe less.

Rest assured, the 11:00 will not miss out. Trust me, but for now…

How bout we just see how everything goes?

Sound good?

See you there!

Or here!