Descending into greatness, Part 2


Wow! Looks like my take on “true or false” teachers and religions caused quite a stir.


I’m not surprised. In a politically correct, tolerant, anti-Christian, truth is relative kind of climate, what I had to say sticks out like a fat man wearing a speedo at Newport Beach. I’m also not surprised because of what this scripture says. What does surprise me is the almost total absence of accountability among ‘teachers’ (and I use that term loosely for some who are parading as such) who set themselves up on equal par with the apostles.

Listen gang, it takes a whole lot more to be an apostle than simply a ‘declaration.’ In fact, Paul made it clear that one of the qualifications was to have seen Christ. Some of these self appointed prophets are making that claim, but are we simply supposed to take their word for it?

Tell you what, I’ll take God’s Word for it.

Current score:

God’s Word 100%

Self appointed apostles 0%

For more on this see yesterday’s post here.